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Major General Robert Shadley (retired) speaks out again because the military has not solved the sexual assault problem. Learn more about his experience dealing with this issue.


Bob Shadley speaks to CEOs, decision makers, service organizations and groups around the country on leadership styles, accountability, and leading through crisis.


A master of leadership and logistics, corporate and business teams turn to Bob Shadley for consultation. If you would like to hire Bob for cosulting please click the link below.

Leadership Lessons & Strategies
from Bob Shadley

Within his 33-year career as a military leader, Major General Shadley guided more than 3,500 military men and women in combat and over 20,000 students in training. He had the attention of the Army's senior leadership, the national media, US Congress, women's organizations, and many other influential people and organizations.

Now, as an author, speaker and consultant, Shadley continues to lead by example, experience and expertise. Organizations and business leaders benefit from his lessons and strategies for "rallying the troops" in the workplace and leading them past crisis to contentment and prosperity. The key is focusing on doing the right thing.


MG Shadley briefing a member of The House National Security Committees


Charles Asay captures a moment during a CNN news conference in cartoon fashion.


Author with COL Roz Glantz and Rep. Bob Erlich (USAOMMC&S, used with permission)


Farewell speech, July 10, 1997 (USAOMMC&S, used with permission)


Meeting with Ordnance Soldiers in Saudi Arabia (USAOMMC&S, used with permission)


Visiting EOD Training (USAOMMC&S, used with permission)



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