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Bob Shadley the Author

In a detailed and poignant manner, U.S. Army Retired Major General Robert Shadley allows readers to walk by his side in the unraveling of the GAMe, a highly visible military sex scandal that occurred at Aberdeen Proving Ground in 1996. The abuse of power was the basis for the insidious efforts of drill sergeants and other instructors at military bases to obtain sexual favors from female trainees, a competition they called GAM ("Game ale military"). Leading his team through the months of uncovering the GAMe, getting help to the victims, and unveiling the felony level sexual assaults that were occurring, Shadley ranks the experience as the most challenging time of his military career.

Sixteen years later, Shadley is speaking out again because the military has not addressed the sexual assault problem aggressively. The U.S. Secretary of Defense estimates that 18,000 - 19,000 service members in the military are victims of sexual assaults each year. Conservative estimates indicate that 250,000 service members serving in the military have been victimized since this scandal in 1996. In his book, Shadley provides simple solutions that he believes will help combat the continued abuse of power.

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The Army learned the lessons of the Navy's Tailhook Sex Scandal and handled the media aspects of the sexual misconduct at Aberdeen with openness and candor. General Shadley offers a revealing look into leadership in a crisis.

- Gregory L. Vistica, author, Fall from Glory

This is a reality story about leading through crisis, with a focus on doing the right thing. These lessons apply to all who serve in a leadership role within any organization.

- The Honorable Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr.